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Amiga & AROS Always wanted to own the IP and trademarks of one of the most innovative computer brands in history? A brand carried by a computer which was easily ten years ahead of its time, capable of multitasking (in colour) with multiple resolutions displayed at the same time, while Windows were still windows and the Mac couldn't hold more than 8 pages in its word processor on its single-tasking monochrome operating system? Yes, Bill McEwen's Amiga, Inc. is selling the Amiga trademark and all associated IP. It's not like the guy was doing anything with it anyway.
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RE[4]: It's a good brand
by Raffaele on Sat 6th Nov 2010 08:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: It's a good brand"
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Let me see if I've got this right... The X1000 is a product that is regularly promoted but not actually on sale to the public yet... and you're saying that's NOT vaporware? Commodore USA sell products to the public... and you're saying that IS vaporware? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Nice try. ;)

If we follow your silly reasoning then USB3 technology was vaporware because it is not still adopted by any modern X86 motherboard manufacturer and will be ready almost next year...

Also following your assumptions then computer manufacturers like A-EON have not all their rights to made all proper testing on the motherboards before to offer a computer on the market.

Remember that Amiga community is very sensible to products annonunced and that never hit the market, such as Walker (only 6 prototypes were made and were functioning, but the public seen only their case, and no functioning hardware), and Troika motherboard...

...So then A-EON was literally "forced" by the Amiga public opinion to show a concrete running hardware before this will be proposed in stores.

Or else it will be for sure that A-EON had kept the secret on the motherboards until it had hit the market.

And then...

CommodoreUSA IS vaporware.

Try to order some computers from their site, and then report here on OSNews what they will deliver to you...

But I strongly think that you will not risk your home funds by sending them your precious money...

The absurd statements you just made are enough for me not to consider your comments.

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