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Oracle and SUN Today Oracle released its latest version of Solaris technology, the Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 release. It includes a large number of new features not found in either Oracle Solaris 10 or previous OpenSolaris releases including ZFS encryption and deduplication, network-based packaging and provisioning systems, network virtualization, optimized I/O for NUMA platforms and optimized platform support including support for Intel's latest Nehalem and SPARC T3. In addition, Oracle Solaris 10 support is available from within a container/zone so migration of existing systems is greatly simplified. The release is available under a variety of licenses including a supported commercial license on a wide variety of x86 and SPARC platforms.
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I read this "Hey, but Linux or BSD has the xyz filesystem" again and again. However i just want to note, that a filesystem needs several years of development to be feature complete and then several years of matureing. ZFS was started in 2001 and we see major uptake of the filesystem since 2009 or so. I just don't get it, why the people touting the zfs alikes think that those filesystem could take shortcuts on that road. There is no room for shortcuts at storing data.

The mistake many proponents of other ZFS alike filesystems do is to take the uptake time of ext(x) and think you will see the same with all this new filesystems. But they tend to forget that all the +x at ext were just incremental steps. Nothing really new.

We will see a lot of end-of-year fireworks before we see uptake in areas were it really matters. Before that it's a nice toy.

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