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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this is fascinating. There have been rumours going around for a while now that Apple is working with Gemalto on an integrated sim card, allowing customers to choose their own carrier and then activate the phone through Apple. European mobile phone carriers aren't particularly pleased with this.
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"Presently telcos lock you in with their SIM for the period of the contract - the device is locked to their SIM.

New Zealand and Australia are two countries I know of which have contract phones but don't have SIM card locks - just because you have a contract doesn't mean that it has to have the SIM card locked because you're still going to have to keep paying the contract even if you destroyed the mobile phone or moved the sim from one device to another device.

Canada is the same way, at least with GSM phones.

Telus and Bell, with their old CDMA phone, locked the phone number to the phone to the contract requiring lots of hoop-jumping and paperwork to swap phones mid-contract.

Rogers, though, the phone number is locked to the SIM and nothing else. What you do with the SIM is up to you. Nothing stops you from popping the SIM out of one phone, popping it into another phone, and making calls/transferring data as per normal. We've even used that to transfer phone books between phones when the wife has lost her phone. We regularly trade phones when hers is in the shop, so that I use the crappy loaner.

Don't know how Telus/Bell GMS/HSPA SIMs work, or how any of the PAYG companies work with SIM cards.

I've never understood the reasoning for keeping the SIM card internal to the phone, or locking a specific SIM to a specific card.

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I've NEVER experienced what you're talking about with Bell/Telus when switching phones mid contract.

I had gone through about 10 phones on the CDMA network. You can call into 611 and a rep will swap it (free, if you sweet talk them). They also have an online site to do it - but it costs $10.

It still sucks, but you're by no means locked to a single phone for your contract.

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You've been lucky, then.

Everyone I know that used Telus/Bell before their HSPA network roll-out had a horror story to tell about switching phones mid-contract. Especially with their "you can't transfer contacts/settings/etc between phones, but we can do it for $25 if you want" options.

It's one of the main reasons I've stuck with Rogers for so long. Their TDMA network was a heck of a lot better than whatever Telus used. And their migration to GSM was very smooth. And their policies around SIM cards have been very hands-off.

It's just too bad their selection of "good" phones sucks. It's still hard to beat their pricing, but without good phones (and no, I don't consider having the BB Torch and the iPhone4 "enough" when they have 0 Android phones worth using) it's getting harder and harder to stay with them.

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