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KDE "The KDE community today announces the start of the Calligra Suite project, a continuation of the KOffice project. The new name reflects the wider value of the KOffice technology platform beyond just desktop office applications. With a new name for the Suite and new names for the productivity applications, the Calligra community welcomes a new stage in the development of free productivity and creativity applications for desktop and mobile devices."
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RE[3]: Application names
by lemur2 on Wed 8th Dec 2010 11:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Application names"
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Actually if the goal is to reinforce the office suite over the applications then the new names are perfect. They make no sense on their own, but they work when combined with the suite name: Calligra Words, Calligra Tables, Calligra Plan

Not bad as sub-applications, but bad as stand-alone applications.

This is a characteristic of the Calligra suite itself ... each application on its own is so-so, but the combination is quite powerful.

"Flakes" are the means via which "office objects" can be handled by all of the Calligra applications, with one application library providing the handling for one or more of the flake types associated primarily with it.

There is a new and extensible scripting framework dubbed Kross.

KOffice has been optimized for widescreen monitors. The extra space to the right of a widescreen monitor is used to create a variant on MS Office’s ribbon interface.

All-together, this gives each application the power of the others, and the whole suite has an integrated feel to it without becoming one huge application.

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