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Internet & Networking It looks like several companies are learning what happens when you mess with the internet - and they're learning it the hard way. Several major companies have been hit by the collective powers of Anonymous after 4chan launched several distributed denial-of-service attacks. What many have been predicting for a long time now has finally happened: an actual war between the powers that be on one side, and the internet on the other. Update: PayPal has admitted their WikiLeaks snub came after pressure from the US government, and Datacell, which takes care of payments to Wikileaks, is threatening to sue MasterCard over Wikileaks' account suspension. Update II: is down due to the attack. Update III: PayPal has caved under the pressure, and will release the funds in the WikiLeaks account.
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Two wrongs don't make a right
by davidiwharper on Wed 8th Dec 2010 12:52 UTC
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While I feel that what has happened to Wikileaks and Julian Assange personally is a disgrace, I'm not sure that DDOS attacks are an appropriate response. Instead, I wonder whether some of the myriad of lawyers that are circling around Assange right now should mount lawsuits against Amazon, Visa, the Swiss bank, etc. for contract violation.

Get a lot of noisy press coverage, maybe even make a few bob for Wikileaks in the process. Geoffrey Robertson has almost single handedly beaten off more governments in court than sit in the United Nations Security Council. He's perfect for the job.

That's justice, and it's also not illegal.

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