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OSNews, Generic OSes I know that there's a number of readers who don't like it when OSnews covers political topics, I'm one of them. These political upheavals however spell danger for operating system hobbyists and so I dedicate this article to framing the political news within the context of what we are here to read about: operating systems.
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We are being held back
by mbit on Sat 11th Dec 2010 02:32 UTC
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First of all, thanks to all contributors to this site.
It is not what it used to be, but it is what it should be, since the times have changed.

The article and the subjects it touches on, to me, boils down to this: we are being held back.
We are restricted by many means, for many reasons, by many entities and in many areas.

The means to restrict us include
- using the law, such as software patents
- using technology, such as software stores
- using both in combination, such as DRM

The resons include
- legal and mostly agreed upon, such as copyright
- legal and disagreed upon, such as DMCA and sw patents
- political, such as with Wikileaks
- arbitrary, such as appropriateness, taste and function

The entities restricting us include
- governments
- corporations in general, such as paypal wrt Wikileaks
- tech corporations, such as MS, Apple and Google

The areas we are restricted in include
- freedom of speech, such as for Wikileaks
- fair use, such as with DRM
- operating systems, such as on mobile phones

I think it's good OSNews has decided to talk about the bigger picture here and include freedom of speech, fair use and the other issues and not just talk about operating systems. The situation is to entangled and to complex to make it just about Operating Systems any more. I whish it wasn't and we could just discuss what we love and what we like instead of the problems, but that would be ignoring the times we live in.

It's up to you to form your own opinion about all this, I haven't quite figured out mine just yet, but I really welcome the discussion around these subjects.

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RE: We are being held back
by Kroc on Sat 11th Dec 2010 15:38 in reply to "We are being held back"
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Succinctly put. Now if only I could be that concise.

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RE[2]: We are being held back
by Neolander on Sun 12th Dec 2010 07:04 in reply to "RE: We are being held back"
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Succinctly put. Now if only I could be that concise.

Then people would say that your article is too short to deserve the OSnews original title, I think ;)

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