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Windows Amidst all the WikiLeaks hoopla, there's also actual regular news going on. Windows 7 is barely out the door, and we're already dealing with Windows 8, which is indeed being worked on but will not arrive for at least two years. There's some rumours from an Italian website which state that the 64bit version of Windows 8 will have a completely new interface called Wind. Right.
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Rumors are probably true...
by leech on Sat 11th Dec 2010 03:42 UTC
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Wouldn't surprise me if these rumors are potentially true. Let's look at Microsoft's Operating System history.

You can pretty much assume that every other major release (otherwise non server editions) are steaming piles of crap.

Windows 95 was crap, 98 was Okay, ME was crap, 2000 was good (though many would argue this was more like a server OS and was just a stepping stone to XP), XP was Okay, Vista was Crap, and Windows 7 is Okay.

Windows 8 will most likely also be crap.

Unless they finally break the pattern like Star Trek movies did where the Even movies were awesome and the Odd numbered ones were just Okay (though I personally liked 5, most people just thought it was Shattner's big "look at me!")

Surprising how many open source operating systems are trying to go for the "older machines still work!" attitude and Microsoft is for "Hey, we require 2GB of memory to run the same amount of apps as you could with 128mb of Ram on an Amiga."

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RE: Rumors are probably true...
by Kochise on Sat 11th Dec 2010 09:56 in reply to "Rumors are probably true..."
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An Amiga was most likely to have 2Mb of memory (A1200) and was multi-tasking before Windows was, without needs of huge memory footprint. It's not eCos either, hu...

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True, the Amiga uses 2mb of chip ram in the AGA based machines and then (depending on if you have accelerators or zorro slots) you can cram a whole lot more. Actually, from the specs you could actually have a GB of ram, though I'm not quite sure what the purpose of that would be, except to say "I have 1GB of ram in an Amiga."

It's really a sad day to know what computers have become. This huge unoptimized pile of crap. The hardware has been getting faster and faster because it needs to, not because we actually get any more speed for doing things.

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