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Google "At a high level, Chrome OS sounds like the most interesting thing to happen to the low end netbook/notebook market since we saw the first Atom platforms. The problem has never been hardware, but rather the software. At $299 - $399, for someone who is truly just going to rely on web based applications, I can see Chrome OS being a very good alternative to a netbook. The integration of Qualcomm’s Gobi modem is particularly brilliant, giving every Chrome notebook a GPS as well as cellular data connectivity. The 100MB of free transfers per month for two years is just perfect for light users. Chrome OS or not, I’d like to see this sort of a setup on all notebooks."
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Oh but why?
by error32 on Sat 11th Dec 2010 11:12 UTC
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I still don't understand how this would be different from having a netbook with Android on it and using the webbrowser.
There are still areas where there is no 3G coverage where this silly Chrome OS would probably not work fast enough.
I can't believe there is even a market for this.

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RE: Oh but why?
by Lennie on Sat 11th Dec 2010 13:06 in reply to "Oh but why?"
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It also supports wifi ofcourse. I'm sure it will also only push changes of the OS/personal settings to "the cloud" when you are not downloading webpages. So it would not interfere with your . Atleast if they are smart.

Also, I think (webpage/apps) developers will eventually start to understand the HTML5 Offline cache. Without it it would be useless, you are right.

But what if every application you ran was downloaded/updates from the internet every time you use it and the last version you downloaded was always cached locally for when you don't have any connectivity.

That is what this is.

It gets interresting when you'll just have a device as big as the current touch/smart phones and you can plug in a normal screen, mouse, keyboard, headphones/headset, etc. wherever you are.

Hell, it probably will be your phone.

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RE[2]: Oh but why?
by leech on Sat 11th Dec 2010 17:55 in reply to "RE: Oh but why?"
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I already have that with my N900 ;)

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