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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Every now and then (or, actually, rather often) you come across a story which once again exemplifies why governments should keep their paws off anything remotely related to technology. It seems that not knowing anything about technology is one of the prime reasons why governments the world over fail so spectacularly when it comes to technology-related lawmaking. The latest in the series? France. My southern neighbours (I never acknowledged Belgian independence) are thinking about extending their piracy levy, normally found on CD-Rs and mp3-players and such, to cover tablet computers as well. However, tablet computers running Windows are exempt.
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Not only because it's a full blown OS
by jaxx on Wed 29th Dec 2010 00:25 UTC
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It's mainly because the OS originates from a standard computer's OS.

That's where the Albis Commission (named after the guy who created the group deciding for these disgusting taxes) is again wrong: iOS shares it's core Mac OS X with the eponyme computers... put a dash of Springboard and some heavy DRM/app management tools and you get an iOS (shortcut is easy, but there it is)

Over that: They want to tax devices that facilitate copying media... Again, it's snap easy on a Windows Tablet, it remains a hassle (natively) on an Android, but it's almost impossible without heavy tools and iTunes on an iDevice (which itself does all the DRM stuff)

The Albis Tax is unbearable, one of France's best ISPs "Free" distributes a Set Top Box with it's ADSL contract (google "Freebox Revolution" it's an amazing device, Atom/Linux/PowerVR/etc... on best-effort unbundled ADSL) which contains a HardDrive... and they want to tax it over 40€

The very rare things I don't buy are unavailable in France (US series without distribution contracts, therefore, I can't really figure if I'm stealing anyone)... I purchase all the rest, and that is loads of music... and I'm being taxed on drives, dvd-r's and all kinds of mediums I fill with Legal or self-produced material...

Not to mention, they are taxing to compensate "illegal" copying activities. Taxing something that is not supposed to happen is not only nonsense, but is itself illegal by law.

There are things that have been burning me up lately, especially since our current gov dropped in... VAT rises, which remains the most inequitable tax, IRS growth on the poorest segment, hidden unemployment hiccups, wired journalists (it's stolen laptops season too!), public lying, insults, racism, the Woerth affair, triple-strike internet law... rid of it

I'm French, therefore I rant! ;-)

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Not to mention, they are taxing to compensate "illegal" copying activities. Taxing something that is not supposed to happen is not only nonsense, but is itself illegal by law.

Exactly what I said in my comment on numerama ( how stupid is imposing a "private copy" levy on writable optical discs when the law forbids bypassing the protection schemes on CDs and DVDs?

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With or without DRM's or Protection: The issue is even simpler: Whatever the media is (besides a backup) you are not allowed to copy: therefore, Don't, or Get Sued. But for god's sake, don't tax innocent people for things they didn't do to compensate acts you are unable to maintain to a minimal volume. Damn, they really won't understand it... Let's go on a strike! :-)

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Not to mention, they are taxing to compensate "illegal" copying activities

Since my government has a levy on computer RAM modules as well as HDD, I pirate music all the time. Since, I am forced to pay for it anyway... It's an ironic loop.

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Since we all already pay the "penalty", might as well commit the "crime"... ;)

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Ah, so you only say nonsense when trolling.

Grammatically correct down to punctuation, and what you say is sensible... but I didn't know that the UK levies those... or are you Australian... a kiwi? The US doesn't do this...

You _said_ English was your first language, so it must be one of those, unless you were LYING.

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No, You're not French. French don't speak/write English as you do.

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Well... officially, I am. Tourists in Paris never believe me until I pop out my ID card :-) Secret is, I grew up in Florida (and a bit of Africa before that)

I take that as a compliment, so thanks for the day-long smile I'll be wearing ;-)

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Is there a way to show you that I'm french also ? Show you my blue-white-red colored peter ? Seriously, you really believes that since you cannot master foreign languages, so do foreigners about your native tongue ? Grow up a little, I was told french are arrogant pricks, beside that's your kind of people that drew me into this false idea...


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I have a Norwegian friend. Her parents are Chinese. She also speaks flawless American-accented English. When she says she is from Norway people think she's lying - until she begins speaking in Norwegian.

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