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Legal Due to my incessant whining about the evilness of big content, it's easy to forget that despite all the lunacy those guys throw our way, there are also cases where they're simply very much right. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting on the story of Qiang Bi, who has just been sentenced to jail for two and half years for piracy.
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RE: take care - hacker or criminal?
by jabbotts on Fri 31st Dec 2010 21:20 UTC in reply to "take care"
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If one is a criminal, sure.. be aware of the possible outcome of your activities locally and when the US leans on your local gov.

If one is a Hacker, they are simply a self directed learner who focuses on a specific topic down to it's most minute detail. They value sharing of information so each can learn from the work of others; an information economy provided one has authority to release the information. Hackers may not be remotely interested in computers or technology at all. Sex Hackers, Political Hackers (not "hacktivists"), Psycology Hackers.. heck any topic can be "Hacked" ("hack" meaning "to understand" eg; "I think I hack how this works.. what's next?")

If one thinks "criminal" when they hear the word Hacker, they really don't understand either words.

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