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Windows Apple, Roku, Google, Boxee.... They're not the only ones gunning for your big screen. Microsoft was arguably the first major company to focus on bringing digital content to your TV with Windows Media Centre, which the Redmond company launched all the way back in 2002. It never caught on, but now, the Seattle Times is reporting that Microsoft is going to make another attempt - by putting Windows Media Centre on a set-top box.
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Apple TV
by byrc on Wed 5th Jan 2011 04:19 UTC
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The most recent Apple TV does much more than "stream content purchased on iTunes from your computer." The NetFlix streaming, combined with the ability to buy and stream from iTunes has rendered my cable television connection useless.

I admit the Apple TV was lame when it was released, but its a lot better now.

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RE: Apple TV
by jerry708 on Wed 5th Jan 2011 06:19 in reply to "Apple TV"
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apple fanboy - just for the sake of comment why do you bother to waste ur time. can't u read 'Call me when it does television'.

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RE[2]: Apple TV
by Tony Swash on Wed 5th Jan 2011 11:32 in reply to "RE: Apple TV"
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Most people, presumably people who don't own an iOS device, don't really understand what Apple TV really does. I got the Apple TV not for the iTunes media content or YouTube or Netflix, I got it so I can stream media from any Mac in my house to my TV with no effort and - and this is the killer - stream video or audio to my TV from any iOS device with just the tap of an onscreen button. That's big.

Instant media streaming from any iOS device may seem trivial if you don't own an iOS device but if you do the moment you use Airplay you are just blown away, as has been anyone I have shown it to. I can for example stream a movie straight from my phone to my widescreen TV and it produces a very good quality image more or less indistinguishable from SD cable TV. Apple TV is just a cheap box to link all your iOS devices to your TV.

Airplay is still at an early stage, as it is further integrated into iOS and into the hundred of thousands of Apps on iOS it will be very significant.

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