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Windows And this is part two of the story: Microsoft has just confirmed the next version of Windows NT (referring to it as NT for clarity's sake) will be available for ARM - or more specifically, SoCs from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. Also announced today at CES is Microsoft Office for ARM. Both Windows NT and Microsoft Office were shown running on ARM during a press conference for the fact at CES in Las Vegas.
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Fantastic news!
by WereCatf on Thu 6th Jan 2011 03:56 UTC
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I've been hankering for a good ARM desktop for ages now but so far the biggest hurdle seems to have been a major software company delivering anything for such and thus no one hasn't been bold enough to start producing ARM desktops. With Microsoft now openly embracing ARM there will definitely come such desktops out during the next 2-3 years.

And hell, having an NVIDIA GPU in addition to low-power, low-heat ARM processor core(s) means it'll even be able to support gaming, very multimedia-rich applications and all that.

Companies will have no choice but to aim for easily portable code so as to reach Windows-users on both architechtures and that _could_ also spawn more Linux-versions, though I suppose the chances for that are still somewhat small. Something is still better than nothing.

As for Windows itself.. well, I am strongly for open-source, free software -- not necessarily free as in beer, mind that -- but ever since I got myself Windows 7 I've noticed myself booting to Linux less and less. Thus I'm slightly ashamed to admit it, but I will most likely be Win8 user on my ARM system unless they manage to screw it up in some really major way..

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RE: Fantastic news!
by Mellin on Sat 8th Jan 2011 22:11 in reply to "Fantastic news!"
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and i will have to pay for windows if i want a computer even if i will never ever use it

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