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Games All the recent hackery news regarding the Playstation 3 has culminated in the inevitable: the first custom firmware for the Playstation 3. KaKaRoTo, its creator, did not release his custom firmware; in fact, he released the tools so you can modify your own Playstation 3's firmware update package. The feature set is extremely limited - but that's kind of the point. He left most of it untouched, and refuses to implement anything related to piracy.
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RE: Not Us here in the US
by umccullough on Thu 6th Jan 2011 22:07 UTC in reply to "Not Us here in the US"
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The thing to remember for all of us US based enthusiasts is that any form of copyright circumvention falls under the DMCA.

Right, this is the same law that prevents you from playing DVDs on your Linux machine which doesn't have licensed CSS playback software.

I suspect this law is only enforceable when they can prove that you're distributing copyright circumvention methods to others (like the guy who got sued for telling people to hold down the shift-key when inserting CDs into their computer to prevent autorun from installing draconian DRM), or actually using them to create unlicensed copies of copyrighted works.

Eventually, that law (the way its currently written) is going to have to die - but it wont' be soon enough...

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