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Mac OS X Remember the good old days? The good old days when people cried loads of foul over the inconsistency in the Windows user interface? You know, applications deviating from the norm - with even Microsoft seemingly doing whatever pleased them? This was considered a huge problem, especially by those from the Macintosh and Apple camp. Oh, how the times have changed.
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RE: OSnews front page design
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 7th Jan 2011 21:55 UTC in reply to "OSnews front page design"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Oh, someone else saw that too?

its a firefox rendering bug, best as I can make out. Doens't happen in other browsers. If you view source, you can see the problem pretty quickly.

Windows on ARM? Sorry -- YAAWWNNN[/a]

Sorry don't know how to do html on osnews, but that is supposed to be an ending of an a tag above.

When viewing the source, you notice that the html comments are highlighted green. The highlighting seems to end at the end of my quote up above. Somehow it notices the -- from the "Sorry -- YAAWWNNN" part and the closing bracket from the a tag and thinks thats the end of the comment.

Doesn't happen in other browsers like chrome.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

For historical record keeping purposes, it "works" now because the comment that triggered the bug is no longer a "top Comment", So its not in the page and not triggering the odd firefox bug. So if Osnews "web editors" can't find the problem anymore, that's why.

In the future you can do one of two things to prevent this issue:

1) Remove double hyphens from comments displayed in the top comment section.

2) Remove the output of the top comments. Why are they there, but commented out? Tis Ghetto.

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