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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While everybody outside of the US has been able to mix and match iPhone and wireless operator, the iPhone was still tied to a single carrier in the US. Today, Verizon and Apple announced the much-hyped Verizon iPhone 4. While the rest of the world collectively yawns, this is good news for American consumers, since there will be more competition, and thus, more choice. Edit: Eh, the other way around. First choice, then competition.
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RE[4]: Heh
by polaris20 on Wed 12th Jan 2011 13:42 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Heh"
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It doesn't really matter who's number one, but it does matter that a lot of other people use the same phone as you (or at least the same OS) because without the numbers, there will be fewer apps and fewer accessories. One of the main reasons to use the iPhone is the vast support for the music playing aspects in cars, audio equipment, etc. If it were a niche device, there wouldn't be that benefit.

I think we're beyond the point of caring though with the iPhone, no?

The fact that Android outsells and outnumbers iOS is of little consequence to iOS users at this point, which was the point I was making.

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RE[5]: Heh
by David on Wed 12th Jan 2011 14:16 in reply to "RE[4]: Heh"
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I agree completely. At this point, it's pretty much an emotional response. On the one hand, I'd compare it to the "Go Team!" emotion that people have for their preferred sports team, but I'd say for long-time Apple fans it's probably a bit deeper than that even. Having suffered for so long being adherents to a niche platform always under the heel of Microsoft's domination, Mac fans have been enjoying a brief moment in the sunshine being on top with iOS. So losing the top spot stings a little.

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