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Legal Well, it would appear that Sony isn't particularly pleased with the fact that their console has been hacked into oblivion. It has officially filed suit against the fail0verflow hacker group and Geohot, after filing a temporary restraining order yesterday to try and remove the jailbreak information from the web (how cute).
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RE[3]: Pony
by shadoweva09 on Thu 13th Jan 2011 01:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pony"
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No there's no technical reason, their official response was not wanting to maintain drivers compatible with the hypervisor:

Of course, I'm sure piracy had something to do with it to. Then they would also hate something like what's happened to jailbreaked iphones to happen to their console and have to compete. Once again, bad business decisions to ensure they get all the money they can.

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RE[4]: Pony
by jabjoe on Thu 13th Jan 2011 09:35 in reply to "RE[3]: Pony"
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Didn't Sony pull the OtherOS feature after someone couldn't take being behind the hypervisor anymore and found a way to by passed it to get direct hardware access?

So they pull OtherOS after the hypervisor hack. This causes the first hack to restore OtherOS. So they patch the firmware to prevent this. This causes the USB hack to restore OtherOS. So they patch the firmware to prevent this. This causes the whole signing system to be hacked to restore OtherOS. They now have no where to go but the legal route.

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