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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A new wrinkle in the update and fragmentation story emerged today. AndroidSpin is quoting an unnamed T-Mobile employee as saying that the carrier is being told not to release the Android 2.2 update (Froyo) to customers that own the Samsung Vibrant. The reason: to increase sales of the new Vibrant 4G.
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But that's exactly it, though. The people who are likely to care about what version of Android their phone is running are typically the same people who are willing and able to install custom firmware. So in essence, (almost) no-one is given incentive to buy the newer phone, and (almost) no-one who cares is crippled by their holding back the new version.

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No incentive, except for the better hardware. The same people who care about the Android version will care about which proc and how much memory are in the device.

For an example of functionality that could be improved with updates, Android sucks up electrical juice. I can get 1.5 days with everything turned off and minimal usage; I get well under a day running a moderate load, normal startup services, web browsing, and Alchemy or Solitaire. Previously, I could get about three days out of my Blackberry Bold with a much less austere program set. I checked the changelog of Android 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. The number one thing between them is improvements in power management, and everyone could use the better power management in mobile devices.

2.2 also adds remote wipe to the ActiveSync connector, but that's only a necessary feature if your company requires it or you just want it.

The crappy updates system really hinders Android. It's major competitors all have centralized updates, and they will get features and updates before Android due to manufacturers caring more about selling phones then supporting their products. Geeks are going to get burned out buy Samsung, to name a manufacturer, saying, "If you want the latest, buy phone XYZ, otherwise go take a flying leap at a rolling donut."

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