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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu developers met last week in Dallas to make final design decisions about the popular Linux distribution's features and decided to use LibreOffice for its office suite."
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by divansantana on Mon 24th Jan 2011 11:29 UTC
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This is really obvious and expected, not sure why there is a headline for it. Already almost all the other distros have switched to libreoffice as well.

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RE: Obvious
by mtzmtulivu on Mon 24th Jan 2011 12:47 in reply to "Obvious"
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This is really obvious and expected, not sure why there is a headline for it. Already almost all the other distros have switched to libreoffice as well.

can i guess? because ubuntu is the one doing it. This site for reasons unknown to me seem to pay very close attention what ubuntu is doing, most times, what it thinks of doing.

Not sure yet if this focus is primarily meant to give ubuntu cheap publicity or to incite anti-ubuntu sentiments

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RE[2]: Obvious
by righard on Mon 24th Jan 2011 13:19 in reply to "RE: Obvious"
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Though I don't use it myself, according to all stats I've seen Ubuntu is by far the most used Linux on the desktop (which is where Open/LibreOffice is used). Thus the probability of someone posting an article about this change is higher for Ubuntu as it is for NyTyX.

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RE[2]: Obvious
by AnythingButVista on Mon 24th Jan 2011 14:17 in reply to "RE: Obvious"
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Whether you like Ubuntu or not, they have made a push towards user friendliness and have reached deals to the point that it is one of the very few (and the most common among those few) non-Windows OS's you might find preinstalled on a consumer PC from a known manufacturer. This means among the average Joe community (at least among those who have managed to break away from Windows and OSX) use or at least know Ubuntu. Yeah, it's sad that many know the thing as Ubuntu and not Linux (or more properly GNU/Linux) but at least they know about it. Thus everything Ubuntu does can have a big impact on how the general public (not the geek community) sees Linux.

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RE[2]: Obvious
by dacresni on Tue 25th Jan 2011 03:49 in reply to "RE: Obvious"
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I wouldn't have expected Ubuntu to do it no more than SUSE. Both of these distros have not given up on linux on the desktop in a corporate environment. I would think SUSE would do OpenOffice sense their Microsoft pact and Ubuntu for their support. The fact that Ubuntu is using LibreOffcice is probably them trying to gain cred with the GNU people sense they're using so much in house software (ie Unity )

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RE: Obvious
by ricegf on Mon 24th Jan 2011 13:14 in reply to "Obvious"
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"Fedora will release this in Fedora 15 due out on May 10th. ... In theory, openSUSE should be the first Linux to arrive with LibreOffice since its release date was set for March 10th, but the acquisition of Novell by Attachmate seems to be slowing them down a bit."

That's why it's headline-worthy: With firm plans from Canonical (which may actually ship first), it means the Big 3 in Linux will switch to LibreOffice in the space of 2 months. What greater ringing endorsement of Oracle's acquisition of Sun could possibly... oh, wait.

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RE[2]: Obvious
by leech on Mon 24th Jan 2011 16:54 in reply to "RE: Obvious"
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OpenSuse isn't the first to arrive with it. I've been using LibreOffice in Arch Linux for quite some time now.

Granted Arch isn't a 'release' style Linux distribution, but it sure does seem to have many things 'first'.

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