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Intel "Intel's chief technology officer says the chip maker is developing a technology that will be a security game changer. Justin Rattner told Computerworld on Tuesday that scientists at Intel are working on security technology that will stop all zero-day attacks."
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RE: quantum jump ey?
by Stratoukos on Thu 27th Jan 2011 13:30 UTC in reply to "quantum jump ey?"
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They, and everyone else who is using this term, are using it correctly. Quantum jump or quantum leap refers to atomic electron transition, which is the transition of an electron from one energy level to another without passing through the intermediate energy level (IANAQP but that's my understanding).

What this phrase means figuratively is that some change, while not necessarily big, is abrupt. So when he says:

We're going to see a quantum jump in the ability of future devices, be them PCs or phones or tablets or smart TVs, to defend themselves against attacks.

he means that the devices' ability to defend themselves will be so much greater, that it will seem like we skipped a few generations and we went directly to that awesome level of ability he describes. Sensationalistic, but semantically correct.

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