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Google It seems like the content industry has managed to score another hit in its 'fight' against piracy, and this time, it's a big fish. Announced a few weeks ago already, Google has started censoring its auto-complete and instant features for an arbitrary set of search terms - such as 'bittorrent', 'torrent', 'rapidshare', and any terms derived from those (e.g. 'ubuntu torrent' is censored as well).
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Is Google Evil ?
by ramasubbu_sk on Thu 27th Jan 2011 20:19 UTC
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Is Google Evil then ? If they want to stop the piracy, then they should delete lot of Videos from YouTube.

Start the Troll!!

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RE: Is Google Evil ?
by MechR on Thu 27th Jan 2011 21:21 in reply to "Is Google Evil ?"
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If they want to stop the piracy, then they should delete lot of Videos from YouTube.

But they are. Youtube isn't nearly as useful as it used to be.

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RE: Is Google Evil ?
by ggeldenhuys on Fri 28th Jan 2011 10:28 in reply to "Is Google Evil ?"
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What piracy is involved if I google "Ubuntu torrent"? That is perfectly legal! As the article says, bittorrent is a legal company and technology without anything to do with piracy. If a company wants to create demo CDs available via torrents, why not.

The Music and Video industries are just so damn stupid at anything they do (especially when it comes to free and open-source users), and to strong arming somebody like Google is absolutely ridiculous.

It's like saying hackers might run Windows OSes, so Google must now ban anything MS Windows related because hackers could find it useful!

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I dare say many Hackers already run Windows among other OS. Perhaps what you meant was "Criminals may use Windows so Google should block search results for that."

Actually, your Hacker example fits in nicely.

Big Media (content sales) would like the masses to believe that Bittorrent is evil and only ever used to comit evil.. and it'll eat your kids and pets of allowed into the home. The reality is that Bittorrent is simply a transfer protocol; one that works well and is popularily used for legal file transfers.

Big Media ("news outlets" now mostly info-tainment) would like the masses to believe that Hackers are inherently evil and only research and commit criminal acts. The reality is that most Hackers are well adjusted, social, self-motivated learners who focus on learning specific topics for recreation; the overly bias prejoritive representation does not reflect reality.

In both cases, corporates with vested self interest are misrepresenting reality at the expense of artists, researchers and the general civilian population.

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