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Google The web is already aflame with Google's accusation that Bing is stealing its search results. Google created code to manually rank certain bogus search terms, and ten created mock web pages as the top search results for these bogus terms. It turned out that Bing would list the exact same mock web pages as its top search result for these bogus terms. Google is unhappy with it, but in all honesty - since when is it wrong to copy in the computer business?
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Decent PR move by Google
by Praxis on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 00:03 UTC
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What Bing does is really no surprise. It is very funny when their solution to increasing search quality of little searched for terms is 'copy what google does' Doesn't exactly inspire consumer confidence in your search engine. Which is what this move by google is about. There is nothing really illegal about what Bing does and some people would argue its not even unethical.

But google knew what is was doing bringing it up right now. You see mircosoft was hosting a search engine event today and it probably would have been a good place to talk about Bing and what they are doing in search and the future of search and all that jazz. Instead they get to spend all day defending themselves against googles copying claim. Where they have to admit they did it and then explain why it doesn't matter. And of course this becomes the story of the day on all the tech blogs instead of whatever message microsoft was hoping to get out, all the while eroding consumer confidence in Bing.

Well played google, well played, in a kinda supervillain kind of way

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RE: Decent PR move by Google
by benhonghu on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 04:48 in reply to "Decent PR move by Google"
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I'd say the embarrassment to Microsoft is well deserved.

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