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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's official. Dismissed as a silly rumour by many, Nokia and Micorsoft have just announced a very comprehensive partnership in which Windows Phone 7 will become Nokia's prime smartphone platform. It goes a lot deeper than that, though. Update: Qt will not be available for Windows Phone 7. Qt will remain the development platform for MeeGo and Symbian. Update II: During its Capital Market Day event, Elop confirmed Nokia will not make a comprehensive MeeGo product line. It will be a platform to learn from, but it won't become a competitive platform. Update III: Android was not an option because it would be difficult to differentiate there. Update IV: There will be 'substantial reductions in employment' in Finland and around the world. Also, before I forget, thanks Engadget for the live-blogging where I get this stuff from!
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RE: Yay
by ronaldst on Fri 11th Feb 2011 11:32 UTC in reply to "Yay"
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Uh oh! Apparently the angry mob doesn't like what Thom does. ROFL

Windows Phone 7 is a great mobile OS. Just like Apple's iOS. I encourage the angry mob here at OSNews to put aside their unfounded hatred for Microsoft and try WP7.

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RE[2]: Yay
by _txf_ on Fri 11th Feb 2011 11:45 in reply to "RE: Yay"
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I don't hate Microsoft and I love Silverlight, but I like Linux and Qt much more. I was really looking forward to a meego device and have been a loooong time Nokia user and supporter. No more...Android for me (despite my dislike of various elements in android).

And just to add that if I get a wp7 phone ever it will not be a Nokia phone. I feel to betrayed by the Meego hope Nokia inspired in me

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RE[2]: Yay
by swinkels.pieter on Fri 11th Feb 2011 13:06 in reply to "RE: Yay"
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It is not a dislike for Microsoft that fuels my reservations but, among others, my preference for an open system. Will it be possible to develop open source software for a Nokia Windows 7 device and also deploy it?

Also, as a Qt developer I would like to see Qt prosper. To what degree will Nokia invest in the further development of Qt? If Qt will only be used for (a dying) Symbian and (a DOA ?) Meego... What about the companies and developers that have invested time and money in Qt to develop mobile applications? The fact that there will not be a Qt for Windows Mobile 7 irks me the most.

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RE[3]: Yay
by mat69 on Fri 11th Feb 2011 14:13 in reply to "RE[2]: Yay"
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I fear that Nokia and Qt are a dead end which makes me sad.
Simply because now Nokia has no reason at all to put resources into Qt.

Yeah that does not mean that Qt will die, since it is FOSS. Yet no free project would have enough resources to both maintain Qt and move it foward at the same pace.

A sad day to me at least. And that is only because of caring for Qt and KDE. ;)
From Nokia's POV this might even be a good decision.

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RE[2]: Yay - slow down there
by jabbotts on Fri 11th Feb 2011 14:39 in reply to "RE: Yay"
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Many of the "Angry Mob" your going to hear from, being an OS nerd site, are probably the now alienated Maemo/Meego folk left with no upgrade path. I did some serious research to the point of how-to-root and collecting packages of deal-breaker software titles and found nothing that wasn't a downgrade; Android was, and still is, a mess unless you fork out for a developer phone with Google's clean firmware, Ios is a tiranical dictatorship, WM7 sure isn't going to run the deal-breaker titles in my list.. am I going to be seeing nmap, metasploit and have the ability to easily port python apps and debian packages.. nope..

Don't discount the angry mob just because you don't agree with the cause of the just anger.

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RE[2]: Yay
by Mellin on Fri 11th Feb 2011 15:56 in reply to "RE: Yay"
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can't sync wp7 phones on linux dists

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