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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A lot of people are wondering why Nokia didn't choose to go with Android. How can Nokia differentiate themselves when Android is a lot more open and free than Windows Phone 7? As usual, the key to this is in the details. If you read the announcements carefully, you'll see that Microsoft offered Nokia something Google most likely didn't. Update: What a surprise. Elop just confirmed Nokia has a special deal with Microsoft. Whereas HTC, Samsung, and so on are not allowed to customise WP7 - Nokia is, further confirming my theory.
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Nokia was not bankrupt
by NaX_sa on Fri 11th Feb 2011 12:56 UTC
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People keep talking like Nokia are almost out of money and about to go bust.

Yes they were loosing markshare and need to plan a comeback, but they could easily push ahead with MeeGo even if took another 8months. Android, BlackBerry and the iPhone have proven that its never to late to enter the Mobile market and be competitive. This mark changes so fast that there is nothing stopping Nokia from pushing ahead with MeeGo and if marketed correctly dominating in 2012.

People talking like the roof is on fire at Nokia, but it was just a little smoke, I think fire is coming now.

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RE: Nokia was not bankrupt
by segedunum on Fri 11th Feb 2011 17:10 in reply to "Nokia was not bankrupt"
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Well, let's be fair, they had to do something before things got worse. However, the answer was not this.

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