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Apple Well, it might be safe to say that Apple's own engineers stopped testing their Apple apps with 3.x iOS devices, and have created bugs that make these apps unusable. This is to be somewhat expected, Apple has a track record of not-so-great backwards compatibility (on the Mac), but what we also expected was to not get these broken updates forced to us. It's one thing to stop updating the firmware of older iOS models, and another thing breaking them.
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All in all I think that all vendors need to lift their game but the problem sits in two camps; she is running a phone over 3 years old but at the same time its Apple's responsibility to have a minimum tested so that updates aren't pushed onto iOS releases that have known issues resolved in later updates.

What a load of BS. This is nothing other than Apple's fault. You should be able to use an older device with the features it came with until it dies without additional updates from the manufacturer. It is in no way Eugina's fault. Apple screwed up her device, she did nothing to cause it.

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