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Hardware, Embedded Systems Okay, source material is more than 10 years old so this is not exactly news, but I think it's interesting anyway. This BeOS promotional video is a good reminder of how powerful modern hardware truly is, what hardware should be needed for light computer use, and how laughable modern desktop&mobile OSs are as far as performance is concerned. Here are part 1 and part 2 on YouTube.
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RE: Where are we going?
by Zbigniew on Sat 19th Feb 2011 23:41 UTC in reply to "Where are we going?"
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Uh, I forgot: this could be interesting as well:

"Check out the results! For the functions that people use most often, the 1986 vintage Mac Plus beats the 2007 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+: 9 tests to 8! Out of the 17 tests, the antique Mac won 53% of the time! Including a jaw-dropping 52 second whipping of the AMD from the time the Power button is pushed to the time the Desktop is up and useable.
[..] can be stated that for the majority of simple office uses, the massive advances in technology in the past two decades have brought zero advance in productivity"

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RE[2]: Where are we going?
by static666 on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 14:13 in reply to "RE: Where are we going?"
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Oh, that's so true!

I remember playing with vintage Mac SE FDHD back in 2001-2002. Running System 7, it had Excel 2.0 and Word 4.0 for Mac installed and I was shocked to discover old version from 1991 having almost all daily use features of Office XP, the latest version at that time.

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