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Microsoft Microsoft's Kinect is awesome. Not because of the stupid minigames you can play with it on your Xbox360, but because of all the cool stuff hackers have been able to do with it. As entirely predicted, Microsoft has announced today that it will launch an official Kinect SDK for Windows. The device was already purposefully easy to hack, but official support is always a boon.
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RE[2]: Sony
by demetrioussharpe on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 15:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Sony"
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The main difference being that you need to be a PS3 accepted developer to be able to even access it.

You may say what you want, but Microsoft is one of the most developer friendly companies out there, regardless of their business practices.

This is true. They know that they need 3rd party developers, because they can't develop everything themselves & most of the innovation actually comes from outside of MS. How else would their platforms gain traction? This is also how they decide who to acquire & who to push out of business. So, yes, they're one of the most developer friendly companies around, but remember the old saying: Enemies stab you in the back, friends stab you in the front.

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