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Qt A first alpha version of a Qt implementation for the Android mobile operating system has been announced by Romanian software developer Bogdan Vatra. Since Nokia in co-operation with Microsoft have announced that it does not intend to develop a Windows Phone variant of the GUI framework, Qt for Android represents the only remaining route/platfrom to providing mobile phone apps developed using Qt.
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Actually User Interface Guidelines are very important, and every serious environment uses them. Including Gnome, KDE, Windows, Android, and etc. It's not only a Apple thing.

Consistency is one of the most important principles of usability, and usability is a very important thing when you actually *care* about your users.

If you do a software for you, ok, do it's interface the way you want it, but if you want to somebody else use it, please show the proper respect to these people with good usability.

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So what you're saying is that it's _wrong_ to make applications for OSX that work differently than the applications that come with OSX, because it might confuse the users...

Conform or GTFO?

Well, I already chose the latter, so...

This is no longer an operating system. It's a friggin Fisher Price workbench. This thing goes in that hole. That thing goes in this hole, and nothing actually allows you to build anything for yourself.

Suppose I think I have better guidelines than Apple, I should never port my application to their operating system?

Actually, that's true, because if I did I'd just get shit thrown at my by the users.

Aquamacs is an example of what happens when people fall for this crap. It's always noticeably behind Emacs, and it's _internally_ inconsistent, since they can't change the keybindings for everything that runs on Emacs to suit the OSX guidelines.

"OSX is great because it has features foo, bar, and baz!" Well, none of that matters, since if I use it, I _must_ put up with an interface that baffles me (as in, I don't understand why anyone ever thought it a good idea), and if I wrote an application for it, I couldn't release it, because Apple People would lynch me.

Yeah, I use hyperbole sometimes.
Figure out when.

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