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Windows Microsoft has announced that the first service pack release for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 will hit the download servers starting today. The company had already released the final code to OEM partners earlier on February 9, followed by MSDN customers, TechNet subscribers and volume licensing customers on February 16, but now anyone will be able to get it either via Microsoft's Download Center website or through Windows Update.
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Win 7 SP1 - world's slowest update
by rklrkl on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 23:16 UTC
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I have a 6-core, 12GB RAM machine with very fast hard drives and Win 7 SP1 installed via Windows Update is literally an exercise in paint-drying (or hard disk activity light watching, take your pick).

It seems to download from the Akamai caching servers in multiple large chunks, before unpacking each chunk with much disk thrashing and CPU usage - must have been 20-30 mins in total. As another poster said, even the shutdown afterwards is several more minutes of thrashing/CPU hogging and I'm expecting more on the next Win 7 boot afterwards (I'm back in Fedora 14 to retain my sanity for the moment).

Microsoft did miss a trick - on multiple core machines, they should have dedicated a thread to downloading, whilst hammering the other cores unpacking any completed downloads - I'm sure they could have halved the install time that way.

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