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Google "We are pleased to announce that the full SDK for Android 3.0 is now available to developers. The APIs are final, and you can now develop apps targeting this new platform and publish them to Android Market. The new API level is 11. For an overview of the new user and developer features, see the Android 3.0 Platform Highlights. Together with the new platform, we are releasing updates to our SDK Tools (r10) and ADT Plugin for Eclipse (10.0.0)."
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RE[2]: Wow, another version
by Nelson on Thu 24th Feb 2011 03:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Wow, another version"
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Android isn't fragmented, its' just "<insert long winded explination which basically says Android is fragmented here>".

The fragmentation is not purely on the API level, varying degrees of hardware create an effective barrier to entry for applications which are required to perform with any degree of effectiveness.

So yes, Android is quite fragmented, and even worse, some of the issues you really can't work around except for excluding them from your target audience.

Look at most notable video games on Android, notice how a lot of them say "Only supported on devices X, Y, and Z". That's not fragmentation?

Let's get real here.

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RE[3]: Wow, another version
by Neolander on Thu 24th Feb 2011 07:39 in reply to "RE[2]: Wow, another version"
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Geez, now games can't have hardware requirements ?

In the PC world, if you run Crysis, you know that you'll need some monster hardware and that your average €300 laptop bought for word processing won't do the trick, at least not smoothly. That's what the "recommended configuration" and websites like canyourunit are here for. In the realm of consoles, you know for sure that a PS3 disc won't work on a PS2 and that an xbox 360 disc won't work with an xbox. Why should it be different with phones ?

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RE[4]: Wow, another version
by Nelson on Thu 24th Feb 2011 14:54 in reply to "RE[3]: Wow, another version"
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When someone buys Android, or a Windows Phone, or iOS, they should be able to buy it and think "Okay I know this phone will run all my apps and all my games" not "well MAYBE this will run all my apps and all my games, and I REALLY hope that 4 months into my 2 year contract I'm not left out in the cold with an update"

Is every user supposed to look up the GPU on the SoC of a phone and check if their favorite game even gives a damn?

From a developer perspective, they are sold on the fact that Android has a massive install base, 300k activations a day yada-yada, but what good is it if you cant leverage that due to immense fragmentation?

It is no good. My point is people need to stop pretending like fragmentation does not exist, and is not a severe problem on Android. It is.

And please don't try to use the endlessly fragmented PC gaming world as some sort of gaming nirvana. Nothing should ever try to emulate that.

As for your gaming console, I think your analogy is stupid. You know for sure that ALL PS3s will perform nearly identically, and ALL 360's will perform nearly identically.

You're oversimplifying this to the point of insanity. Don't.

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