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Legal Well, this rumour, coming from the reputable Wall Street Journal, isn't entirely unsurprising. Apparently, the omnipotent people familiar with the matter have told the WJS that the US Department of Justice and the California State Attorney General's office are investigating the MPEG-LA for possible anti-competitive practices regarding VP8.
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Hopeful but doubtful
by edvim on Sat 5th Mar 2011 16:15 UTC
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When I first read this story I was quite elated but after I read through it a couple of times I have my doubts. Corporate power has become a major force while government bodies, even the judicial branches, tend to follow the money now. Lobbyists are more influential than the public and considering big time patent trolls like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc. make up MPEG-LA I'm hoping this isn't just another 'Comcast ignores, and disses, a FCC ruling' kind of thing. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago the government hexed 84,000 web sites going after just a handful of bad sites (10 I believe)? This was not because of some national security issue but simply because corporate, not public, interests prompted them to do so using bogus kiddie porn charges as a front for a copyright enforcement campaign.

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