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Qt Since the web has a tendency to overstate things: no, Nokia is not selling Qt. Today, Nokia announced that Digia will acquire the Qt Commercial software licensing and professional services business from Nokia. So I repeat: Nokia is not selling Qt.
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> > The commercial variant is required for some niches
> > of the market

> IANAL, but I think that one of the biggest stumbling
> blocks in using the LGPL in these industries is
> actually the lack of warranty protection in sections
> 15 and 16.

Let's notice that the discussion was about if the commercial variant was required. That "commercial" license does not give a "warranty protection", so that "commercial" license it's not required (talking about the "warranty" factor).

Those clauses are simply not acceptable in those industries (and others).

We would like to know what software library gives you what Qt gives you... and also gives you "warranty protection". If you find no one, it's normal :-(

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