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Legal Well, how about some positive news to end this day? How about annoying the heck out of the Business Software Alliance? There's a new proposal for a directive on consumer rights in the EU, and in it, digital goods - software, online services, and so on - are explicitly defined as goods that are no different than any other good - like bread, watches, or cars. In other words, you would suddenly own the copies of software you buy, effectively declaring the EULA as a worthless piece of paper. Surprise - the BSA is not happy about this.
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Why buy software?
by TheGZeus on Tue 8th Mar 2011 04:06 UTC
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I haven't for years.
I've dealt with 3 EULAs in the past 4 years: RAR, FlashPlayer, and the firmware for my Intel network cards.
That's it.

I haven't distributed anything I've modified, so I've had no call to read the license terms for anything else I use, either.

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RE: Why buy software?
by lucas_maximus on Tue 8th Mar 2011 22:14 in reply to "Why buy software?"
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Because when you do more on your computer than "browsing the web" and "writing letters", you need software that works.

I couldn't do my job effectively without Adobe Fireworks ... just couldn't do it as quickly. Thus I pay for it. GIMP won't do, Paint.NET won't do ... Only Adobe Fireworks does everything I want and well.

I need a reliable OS that can run every version of Internet Explorer and every mainstream browser ... only choice is Windows 7, so I pay for that.

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RE: Why buy software?
by TheGZeus on Wed 9th Mar 2011 04:17 in reply to "Why buy software?"
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Just realised I forgot the licenses for DooM (II), Quake, and Hexen (II).

I use the free engines, but the content isn't free. That's once each, and only one of those wasn't purchased (?) when it was still fairly new (Hexen II. still haven't beat that game, iirc...).

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