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FreeBSD "How long have you been using FreeBSD. Months? Years? Decades? And you love using it because of whatever reason but at the same time you're feeling a bit guilty to use it all for free without giving anything back? Well now you'll have the chance to change that. We at FreeBSD are always in need of new people who are willing to spare some of their time and effort into FreeBSD development."
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RE[4]: maybe its the license
by Oliver on Tue 8th Mar 2011 23:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: maybe its the license"
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Yes this would be nice to some degree. Otherwise Linux becomes more and more a company influenced "Windows-mock-up" ... quality-wise. Lots of new stuff, a plethora of regressions, drivers broken in several areas, no long-term goals, bad documentation, nonsense comments in the kernel-source, etc.pp.

How should it be possible for FreeBSD devs to cope with the up and downs of the so-called development of the Linux crowd? E.g. yesterday all hail to HAL, today forget about HAL. Another example is the crap design of the Intel driver and the GEM/KMS stuff in the kernel. Even on Linux it's hardly usable, black screens, freezes of X and so on. I can show you lots of entries on bugzilla. Defective by design, but the massive hype plus the quantity guarantees some future, at least for the next 10 years.

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