FOSDEM Conference Feb 8-9, Brussels, Belgium

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ Meeting is coming soon, and in preparation, the organizers have published interviews with some of the participants: David Faure for KDE and Michael Meeks for GNOME.

FOSDEM 2003 will take place February 8 and 9, 2003 in Brussels, Belgium.
The two-day summit will bring together leading developers in the Open
Source community. As each year, FOSDEM attendees will have the
opportunity to attend to the talks of the leading developers of major
Open Source and Free Software projects. Entrance and participation to
talks and tutorials are free.

FOSDEM 2003 will also feature:
– Developers’ Rooms where developers of leading Open Source and
Free Software projects can meet and discuss of the advancements of their
project (GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, Embedded Systems and PostgreSQL)
– Tutorials which are more practical sessions where attendees
will be able to learn about the technologies presented during the talks
– The Free Software Award that will reward this year again the
developer of an important and leading Free Software project. Richard
Stallman will give the award during the FOSDEM.

The series of interviews begins today with the interviews of 2 speakers
of the Desktop session:
David Faure for KDE

Michael Meeks for GNOME

See the main FOSDEM site for general information.


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