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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y And over the weekend, the saga regarding Canonical, GNOME, and KDE has continued. Lots of comments all over the web, some heated, some well-argued, some wholly indifferent. Most interestingly, Jeff Waugh and Dave Neary have elaborated on GNOME's position after the initial blog posts by Shuttleworth and Seigo, providing a more coherent look at GNOME's side of the story.
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the only sensible thing
by somebody on Mon 14th Mar 2011 21:58 UTC
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in whole drama is this part

Grow the **** up...

couldn't agree more. if they really need to have pissing and shitting contests, they could at least have them in private. now all the public can see are exposed dicks and not wiped asses.

this nitpicking only makes whole charade to look even worse. there were/are/will be mistakes and rights on all sides, meaning there will be plenty more material to throw around.

my take on problem:
- if gnome is so sure they have the right solution, let them try the public reaction, it is their neck being at risk after all
- if canonical is not happy with gnome and they are so sure in them selves, they should simply fork it and try try the public reaction, it is their neck being at risk after all
- kde should simply wait another cycle (6 months is not long) and see who was accepted from user side and then focus cooperation on them and ignore the other, they have no risk in this game of charade

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