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Legal And so Sony's crusade against Playstation 3 hacker George "Geohot" Hotz continues. After Sony getting all of Geohot's computers and access to server logs and personal details from many of his websites and social media accounts, Sony has now been given access to Geohot's PayPal account, and all information within it - including of the people he has had financial dealings with.
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RE[6]: In Sony's corner
by WereCatf on Fri 18th Mar 2011 16:03 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: In Sony's corner"
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Sony made the PS3 to be used as a gaming device. Therefore its use is predefined and limited to playing games.

Doesn't fly. Sony themselves designed AND advertised PS3 for use with Linux, ergo it is definitely not predefined and limited to playing games.

Games are made by game developers, who earn their living with that. So if you use a PS3 with legal software (e.g. Linux) that isn't in the for pay gaming category, you are robbing game developers of making a living.

This doesn't fly either: there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that the people running Linux would buy games if they couldn't run it. Besides, running Linux on it wouldn't prohibit them from also buying games if it weren't for Sony.

Also, since Sony sells the PS3 at a loss

Again, doesn't fly: Sony hasn't been selling PS3 at a loss ever since they brought the slim out. Only the fat one was sold at a loss.

It is a pure lemming way of thinking. In darker times these people always go to the slaughterhouse first.

Actually in the middle-ages the "lemming way of thinking" was not only encouraged, you often got burned down as a witch or heretic if you dared to think for yourself. Luckily nowadays you don't die for it, you only get sued to hell.

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