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GNU, GPL, Open Source The GNU Project has announced a new project called GNU Free Call, an open source Skype alternative that will offer anonymous VoIP and will use the GNU SIP Witch server as the back end. GNU SIP Witch requires a minimum of system resources so it can be used on cell phones too so it seems the goal is to provide a cross-platform application, the immediate target most probably being Android.
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RE[2]: skype alternative
by nt_jerkface on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 20:47 UTC in reply to "RE: skype alternative"
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Parent's point still stands. The GNU greatest hits came out years ago.

Gnash has been developed at a glacial pace and HURD still doesn't have a stable version.

Even if they developed a Skype alternative it would probably be ignored just like ogg. Skype is free and over 99% of the population does not care about having the source available.

Speaking of delayed open source projects, where the hell is Samba 4? All this focus on the desktop has left some important server projects out of the spotlight. FSF is just going to further divide the limited amount of available GPL developers with another project that will be ignored by the public. Meanwhile MS continues to roll in record profits from WinServer since Linux still does not offer enough advantages when it comes to integrating Windows clients.

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RE[3]: skype alternative
by Valhalla on Wed 23rd Mar 2011 12:16 in reply to "RE[2]: skype alternative"
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Parent's point still stands. The GNU greatest hits came out years ago.

So did Microsoft's, Windows and Office aren't new products.

FSF themselves have stated that Hurd was all but abandoned once Linux gained traction, and Gnash is a clean room implementation done by extremely few developers, which will have even less priority now that the web seems to be gravitating towards HTML5.

So by your logic we should judge Microsoft by looking at Microsoft Bob and Zune, or maybe the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, or the Microsoft Smart Watch, or the -insert failed Microsoft product here-

Meanwhile the FSF software flagships are as strong as ever, GCC and binutils/coreutils enjoys rapid development, and it's still the de facto toolchain in the open source world. The other flagship of FSF, GPL, is as popular as ever.

So if FSF is relying on old greatest hits, so is Microsoft.

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RE[3]: skype alternative
by spiderman on Wed 23rd Mar 2011 12:56 in reply to "RE[2]: skype alternative"
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gcc development started in 1984. The first beta release was in 1987. I believe it became popular in 1999 or so, 15 years after the development started.
In 1984, you would have said that GNU and gcc was irrelevant, that UNIX was king, etc.
For today, Skype is king (in the US I mean) although Google Talk is rapidly taking over. Come here in 15 years and tell me if you remember what Skype was.

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