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Windows Microsoft on Monday came closer to the final release of Windows Server 2003 R2, expected before the year's end, by making Release Candidate 1 available for download. The release of the RC1 code, which is available here, follows the release of RC0, in late August.
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So I've read the "FAQ" from winsupersite.
by zima on Tue 18th Oct 2005 13:17 UTC
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And I want to make sure...this R2 release won't offer absolutelly anything for the ones that run barebones, without any server services, win2k3 sp1 as their desktop, right?

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I'm having a hard time believing that you've bought Windows 2003 to use it as a desktop. Either you've got more money than you can spend or you're using a pirated copy. Of course, you could be a realy crazy computer enthusiast but I find that unlikely...

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Have you ever heard of MSDN - AA? It is a program that Microsoft runs through universities that lets students, professors, and others download software from MS for free to use for educational purposes. I have a copy of Virtual PC because of it, as well as Vista Beta 1. Chances are, this person got 2k3 from the same program; there are some other students on OS News who have done the same thing. And even if he had bought 2k3 for the desktop, or even pirated it, what would be the point of your post? I find your ill-thought out remarks inflammatory, so please keep them to yourself.

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That's why I'm using Win2K3 at home on my desktop.

But I do have several services running, Apache for one (and some others), so a Server system isn't a bad choice for me. Besides that. Win2K3 is FAST!

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Or I get it from the Uni, you know-it-all-and-like-to-judge-people.
And BTW, when it comes to pirating, IMHO it's the question of morality of that person who pirates, not mine.

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