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Microsoft Oh irony, thy silver thorn strikes like the moonlight through my delicate skin. While this complaint could actually hold merit, the fact it's coming from Microsoft lessens its validity somewhat. Redmond has just filed an antitrust complaint about Google in Europe.
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RE[4]: Innovation in what?
by Nth_Man on Thu 31st Mar 2011 21:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Innovation in what?"
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There they talk about the interview that made another site:

As it was already written in :

The article you've linked to [] mixes up a family of API's (Direct X) with a 3D only API (OpenGL). The journalist should have mentioned Direct3D when comparing to OpenGL. Carmack would never make such a mistake, hence the article probably has more journalistic interpretation / freedom in it than actually quoting Carmacks exact words. The proof is still in the pudding, since Carmack is still using OpenGL for idTech5 rendering engine, and not Direct3D. There was a period in 2006-2008 where OpenGL got intangled in a dispute amongst it's members regarding the future direction of OpenGL. However, ever since they got their act together, OpenGL has been moving faster and adopting newer technologies more agressively than the Microsoft offering. There have been 3 more OpenGL spec releases in the last 18 months compared to Direct3D. Each spec matches hardware requirement (what's the point of doing a release if it doesn't target hardware support). Hence, OpenGL 4.1 supports more hardware features than Direct3D.

Disclaimer - I write 3D rendering engines professionally for a living.

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