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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Register has posted a very unfavorable review of the new Ubuntu, focusing primarily on the new Unity Interface: "That's not to say there isn't much to love in Ubuntu 11.04 with the new Unity Interface being the primary news, but even for a beta this release is way too rough. Unity - regardless of what you think of it - isn't ready for prime time and it seems unlikely Canonical will iron out all its problems before the planned final release in April."
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RE: I don't know who to blame
by Sodki on Mon 4th Apr 2011 10:09 UTC in reply to "I don't know who to blame"
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Because Gnome 3 has been the worst release so far. Although Unity is not good for normal laptops or desktops, gnome-shell sucks more!

I love GNOME 2, but have you ever used GNOME 2.0? It was horrific! Give GNOME 3 a break, I'm sure it will be amazing a few point releases from now.

They could use the classic interface for gnome 3, but we know that is not going to happen.

Classic interface for GNOME 3 is not even close to GNOME 2. I'm sorry to say I was very disappointed with it.

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At least in Gnome 2, I have a global window list which is EASY to access. With the classic interface of Gnome 3, we still have this list. This is the whole point of my obligation to gnome 3.
I have to say that gnome 3 is discouraging the use of multiple windows on the same screen. Because there is no fast and intuitive way to navigate among them. You have to either use Alt-Tab or go to Activity first to get the global picture of all opened windows, then choose the one you want. I don't use Alt-Tab, especially when I am relaxing because my right hand usually hold a snack bar or a cup of tea. And I hate to go to Activity first because that needs one extra step. Besides, I like everything is under my control, so the global picture of the system has ALWAYS to be in front of my eyes.

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I don't use Alt-Tab, especially when I am relaxing because my right hand usually hold a snack bar or a cup of tea.

...and you only have one finger on your left hand?

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