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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Register has posted a very unfavorable review of the new Ubuntu, focusing primarily on the new Unity Interface: "That's not to say there isn't much to love in Ubuntu 11.04 with the new Unity Interface being the primary news, but even for a beta this release is way too rough. Unity - regardless of what you think of it - isn't ready for prime time and it seems unlikely Canonical will iron out all its problems before the planned final release in April."
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RE: Obvious alert...
by earksiinni on Mon 4th Apr 2011 21:15 UTC in reply to "Obvious alert..."
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Agreed, and to add to that,

If that sounds familiar it might be because the same thing happened to KDE users in the move from KDE 3.x to 4.0. Sadly, rather than learn from the KDE 4 backlash, Canonical has decided to soldier on into the Unity future, whether it's ready or not. Spoiler alert: it's not.

it should be noted that I think most people eventually came around to respect KDE for taking the hard path; actually, perhaps for inventing it. KDE 4 wasn't ready for prime time, and I recall devs justifying it by essentially saying that it would accelerate bug squashing, which was--let us be honest--unfair to most end users. Yet they won public opinion in the end, not because theirs was The Right Way, but rather because it got cast as a noble thing to do (and, of course, because it was backed by genuine and extensive backend improvements). AFAICS, Ubuntu is following the same playbook.

So, the real question is not "can Ubuntu pull this off" nor "why is Ubuntu doing this", but rather "if the Unity roll out doesn't go down like KDE 4, why?"

Disclaimer for people who don't get it: KDE 4 is great and I think that releasing it early was "noble" ;)

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