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Internet Explorer So, have you installed Internet Explorer 9 yet on your Windows machine? No? Well, feel assured in the knowledge that at MIX11 today, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 10, while also pushing out the very first preview release. Also, IE10 (can I call it IEX? Can I? Can I?) was demonstrated running on Windows for ARM.
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Hmmm ...
by WorknMan on Tue 12th Apr 2011 18:40 UTC
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Does it have adblock+flash block? If not, it's irrelevant. Just my opinion, of course ;)

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RE: Hmmm ...
by ramasubbu_sk on Wed 13th Apr 2011 01:12 in reply to "Hmmm ..."
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Adblock (kinda) is already there as "Tracking Protection" in IE9.

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RE[2]: Hmmm ...
by marcus0263 on Wed 13th Apr 2011 21:59 in reply to "RE: Hmmm ..."
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Been using Ad Muncher, I like it. No it's not free but honestly it's better IMO than Adblock on FF.

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RE: Hmmm ...
by Phyx on Wed 13th Apr 2011 09:51 in reply to "Hmmm ..."
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and FlashBlock via ActiveX filtering

Edited 2011-04-13 09:52 UTC

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RE: Hmmm ...
by Sauron on Wed 13th Apr 2011 10:56 in reply to "Hmmm ..."
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Have they got rid of ActiveX? If not it's again irrelevant! ;)

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RE[2]: Hmmm ...
by nowhereman on Wed 13th Apr 2011 17:29 in reply to "RE: Hmmm ..."
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what's wrong with ActiveX?

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