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Windows "Windows 8 build 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 contains a number of references to a brand new feature in Windows: Portable Workspaces. Microsoft will allow Enterprise customers to create USB storage driven copies of Windows. 'Portable Workspace is a Windows feature that allows you to run Windows from a USB storage device', notes Microsoft in its description of the feature inside Windows 8." So, yeah, something we've been waiting for in Windows since, well, forever. Also, push notifications, a screenshot tool and a new webcam application have been discovered as well.
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I am dumb
by Earl Colby pottinger on Fri 15th Apr 2011 23:38 UTC
Earl Colby pottinger
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Does this let me boot Windows off a USB drive even if there is no Windows pre-installed on the computer, or does it only let you transfer your work environment from one Windows machine to another?

And will it also carry any extra drivers for any other hardware that might need it?

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RE: I am dumb
by StainlessSteelRat on Fri 15th Apr 2011 23:58 in reply to "I am dumb"
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I think it's probably going to use the bootable USB stack option from Windows Embedded 7.

I use the Windows 7 embedded version for a couple of utilities and some easy data recovery stuff... it moves from one piece of hardware to another pretty smoothly, although there are a few reboots or BSODs when moving from one chipset to another... intel to nvidia, etc... the basic drivers are mostly there and so long as windows has drivers for your NIC, windows update usually grabs the rest. I usually only have to install drivers manually for weird stuff, mostly different raid controllers.

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RE[2]: I am dumb
by SReilly on Sat 16th Apr 2011 20:31 in reply to "RE: I am dumb"
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This isn't intended as flame bait so I hope it's not taken that way but why would you bother using Windows embedded for your recovery tools if you have to worry about graphics and chipset drivers?
There are hundreds of Linux recovery distros out there and the good think about Linux is very rarely do you need to load any additional drivers. Surely there must be at least one that fits your needs?

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