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Apple There's a bit of a stink going on - even in major media - about something iOS 4's been doing. Apparently, iOS 4 has been storing a list of locations and timestamps to a hidden, but readable file in a standard database format. The locations are triangulated using cell towers, and generally aren't as accurate as for instance GPS. Still, the file is stored without any form of protection on both your iPhone as well as your desktop.
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This is a Golden Moment
by kaelodest on Fri 22nd Apr 2011 13:12 UTC
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OMG Apple logs. This is three parts stupid because a.> it iOS is a unix variant and Location Services, well is a service and a service logs. b.> Apple isn't the government and you we the consumer have the option to read the EULA (I pdf'd mine out you should too) There doensn't need to be an opt-out because Apple isn't going to do any thing like arrest you. They are a company. The most evil thing they can do is Market to me. AND MOST OF ALL c.> Location is a Core Feature of 'teh gadget' from 'find my phone' to 'urban spoon' to "Google"-anything - iOS is concerned with your position. So that if they find I go to a certain coffee shop or chain restaurant then I dont have to look for a card to punch for a free latté. My phone will know where I went-Pure Apple EEE-vil
-=- And speaking as though this is a threat is inviting computer ignorance. It is like saying B.S.D. is 'satanic' because of 'daemons'. Fact of operation the Phone Company has always know where you are, or where you were when you made a call. Your Plain Ol'Telephone Service was tied to a physical address. Now it is tied to at least 2 and possibly more than 4 towers. All Phones work like that. The phone company will give my information away readily and easily - The Phone Book had a run of nearly 75 years of invading my 'privacy'.
-=-More than that my Bank has a lot of data on me, Waaaay more data than you can easily imagine. This could easily be mined to tell you where I am going to eat lunch 2 or three weeks into the future, They can take a strong guess at what Lego set I will buy my Son, they know what size shoes my daughter wears, and had about a 90% chance of knowing what is in my pantry & fridge. OMFG and the Metro 'knows' where I am because of where I get on and off the subway, they probably know where I work because of my location. (And the fact that my employer is required by federal law to list me as a contracter in a public database)
-=- This folks is the information age, and that is information. And frankly the part that needs to be protected _is_ protected by the law. ATT knows where I am and, if subpoenaed they will tell you where I was. I can think of 3 recent murders that were solved by telco evidence. And at least a dozen that were proven as premeditated by search engine history. If I was accused of something chances are my innocence would hinge on my phone saying 'nope he was stationary at home with the kids' or, 'he was on the subway' not "he was in the Parlor with the lead pipe" There is no legal issue, because all of these various angles make a coherent shape. They are benign or at the worst protect the innocent (the guilty remained guilty, I am not ready to discuss the privacy rights of someone under criminal investigation) This is exactly what was advertised. Read the Google EULA they promise to share my data and track my locations and searches and the context that I was searching in.
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