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Games Ah yes, this was pretty inevitable. Nintendo is facing dropping sales and earnings for another year, and as such, it should come as no surprise that they have just announced the Wii's successor. The Japanese gaming giant will unveil the machine during E3 in June, and the device is scheduled for release in 2012.
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by puelocesar on Mon 25th Apr 2011 22:04 UTC
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Dont dare you blasphemy against The Legend Zelda!!! Don't like it, shut the fuck up

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RE: Blasphemy
by Icaria on Tue 26th Apr 2011 13:07 in reply to "Blasphemy "
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LttP, OoT and even TWW rate in my top games of all time. Not long ago, I went back and replayed OoT (emulated, thankfully) and it was every bit as awesome as I remember it being. A grand, ambitious game. It told a cinematic, character-rich story and married it with diverse gameplay. Some of it's technical antiquities were also overcome by emulating it (with a good Logitech gamepad).

I also recently attempted to play Twilight Princess. It was terrible. Not just average or passable but actually unpleasant to play. I don't think even Nintendo care about their product, any more. Lots of cruft from previous games, where character handling was ripped straight out of TWW (fine for cartoonish child-Link but inappropriate here) and the horseback physics, straight out of OoT (it was bad in 1998, now it's inexcusable). None of the characters stood out, none of the melodies stood out, the game was presented ploddingly, with little intrigue or flair. Artistically, it didn't so much take inspiration from Okami as it did just rip if off, wholesale. You'd swear the game was developed at gunpoint: messy, uninspired and rough around the edges. It made TWW seem complete, by comparison.

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