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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "We've been waiting for this day: our little reader would finally become a big boy tablet - without having to resort to any sort of hackery. We knew it was coming and, as of now, owners of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color should be receiving notices that their devices are ready to drop those training wheels and run some proper apps. Flash web browsing, downloads, games, e-mail, it's all here."
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The Kindle DX is too expensive, but I can see why they priced it that way. Its just far too big for casual reading, so its going to sell less than the basic version. Also the huge e-ink screen has to be pretty expensive, and the Kindle DX is pretty much the only place its used. Bottom line, its a niche product that you'll be paying a premium for because they can't just make it up in volume.

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True, it has many reasons to be quite high-priced, however if it's so expensive that Amazon don't sell it, they have lost money developing it. As such, there's an optimum to find for them, and I'm not sure they have found it yet...

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