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Linux Yeah, it's the day of double-dippin' today. And, the contradiction couldn't be bigger. In one corner we have one of the oldest and most respected distributions, and in the other corner we have the sometimes controversial but immensely popular relative newcomer. Slackware 13.37 and Ubuntu 11.04 have been released.
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OpenOffice/LibreOffice, actually Go-OO
by Lennie on Thu 28th Apr 2011 21:27 UTC
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It is kind of funny when people mention in articles:

"Open Office in Linux distribution X has been replaced by LibreOffice"

It's not really true.

The version of OpenOffice which was included with most Linux distributions wasn't OpenOffice standard, it was the version from

Go-OO is the version of OpenOffice which was created by the Linux distributions, because OpenOffice was rules by Sun/Oracle and they didn't accept all the patches (or not quickly enough). So they worked together to create their own patchset(s) against OpenOffice or version of OpenOffice.

The first patches applied to LibreOffice after they had setup their code repository based on OpenOffice? All/most of the patches from the Go-OO project.

So what version of OpenOffice was in the previous version of Ubuntu ? Go-OO, what version is in the lastest Ubuntu ? A newer version based around Go-OO.

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