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Privacy, Security, Encryption " on Monday reported that an online Sony gaming network has once again fallen victim to a cyberattack. This time, the attack may have exposed the credit card numbers of thousands of Sony customers from around the world. According to the report, over 12,700 customer credit card numbers were stolen during a breach of Sony’s online gaming network, Sony Online Entertainment. According to, Sony discovered the possible attack on Sunday."
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obviously, as others have now said, VISA (& MC) operate debit card facilities too. which in britain and ireland at least must operate in nigh on the same way as in the Netherlands - with 'chip and PIN' having almost fully taken over from signatures - although signatures are still allowed as a fallback - at least on some terminals they still are.

We (in UK/Ire) still don't have any nice (safe) system like your iDEAL system yet for online transactions however.

Some online commercial sites utilise Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCard as a welcome extra security step for sure, but they're still a minority as are domestic banks that utilise either transaction codecards or an electronic terminal equivalent that they send customers (I know AIB are one).

Most UK customers using most UK/other online retailers still have to (just)hand over the long card number, name on card and expiry date - that's it, no further checks!

I fully endorse what you've said before though, I also very much hope that these creditcard number thefts from Sony might expedite a long needed worldwide overhaul of online transactions. Especially Credit/Debit card. I'd love to see some more competitors to PayPal arise too!

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