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Apple Apple has updated its line of iMac desktops, with new processors and bumped graphical specifications. They also includes an HD FaceTime camera, which is certainly useful. The most interesting feature is, of course, that they include Thunderbolt ports - one on the 21.5" model, and two on the 27" model.
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RE: and this is news on here why?
by kaiwai on Wed 4th May 2011 00:58 UTC in reply to "and this is news on here why?"
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this isn't engadget guys - we don't need posts about every minor hardware update apple make.

And how is it a minor update consider it includes Thunderbolt as well as a major upgrade in terms of GPU? You might as well say that about any news piece on any news website such as the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Internet Explorer 9 being released - because after all they're only 'updates' and not 'major news'.

Btw, it is on page 2 for a reason so why are you whining?

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