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SuSE, openSUSE The first major effect of Attachmate buying Novell (and thus, SUSE) has come into, uh, effect. Novell, of course, is the birth place of Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework. Reports indicate Mono developers have been fired as part of the streamlining process, but according to Attachmate's CEO, they weren't fired because of Mono.
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You do not need to worry about MS patents on C# or the CLR but not because of that agreement. Novell has specifically stated in the past that the patent deal had nothing to do with Mono.

However, the Microsoft Community Promise (MCP), the fact that the .NET micro edition is open source, the fact that several Microsoft technologies have been released under the Apache 2.0 license, and other reasons do mean that you do not need to worry about C# or CLR patents.

ADO.NET and some parts of ASP.NET could keep you up at night if you are truly paranoid. But if that is the case, I do not know how you could use anything else without cold sweats either.

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